HIGHTAIL – The Creative Collaboration Platform

I first encountered Hightail late last year, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I decided to test out the creative collaboration online platform.

So I headed to their website to check out what’s on offer. They have three services that they offer Business (contact them for custom price) Pro at $12 per month and Lite which is free and the one I decided to go with for the Zephaniah Branding Consultants brand identity project I recently completed, you can find it on Behance here.

I have to say this indeed is the future of how creatives should be communicating and deploying their projects, whether they are in the same studio or distributed remotely, because you could be in the same office but you certainly won’t be passing flash drives around for design reviews and keeping track of e-mail threads is a nightmare and has no easy workaround.

Greatly helpful features I used that are in the free version are; commenting, annotations, the ability to ask approval from any given member which sends them an e-mail notification instantly and also the ability to download an asset from hightail.com or the e-mail notification. The fact that you receive e-mail notifications and don’t have to be logged into the site all the time to know what is going on is a benefit. There is also a mobile app which would have even made things way easier and remove the need for e-mail, but I didn’t need it for this project.

Screenshot (UNO)

MY PROJECT SCREENSHOT : This is the first time I have used such a platform for my design work, and it’s definitely better than using e-mails and instant messaging apps. In my opinion I even find it better than Skype!

I believe that platforms like Hightail (including Trello, Slack and others) are the future and we as creatives should be moving to them. Let’s keep e-mails for the usual boring formal stuff, (what it was designed for).

To find out more you can head to the Hightail homepage and see other cool stuff like the ability of annotating video according to the timecode (very cool and handy for video editors by the way) their beautiful dark themed interface and other features.

Article by: George ( TheGiwi ) Mutambuka – Multi-disciplinary freelance designer and creative based on the African continent.


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